'Find My iPhone' Captured A Thief In The Most Perfect Way

The Sticky Bandits would be proud.

A man in Croydon, South London stole someone's phone... but that phone had the app Find My iPhone installed on it. And when the burglar was found with the phone, he was right outside a police station.

How bloody convenient! Imagine how much time was saved! And they didn't even need to cover any petrol costs driving him to the station.


The burglar was immediately arrested and taken into the police station, mere yards away.

The victim reported the crime to police within hours of the burglar, Jermaine Debrah, stealing the phone, and told the police that the phone was able to be tracked with Find my iPhone.

Debrah denied the burglary at Croydon Crown Court last week, after he was found guilty, he was jailed for two years.

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