Follow This Recipe To Make Your Food Glow In The Dark

It's surprisingly super easy.

Hey kids! Want your dinner to glow like it's covered in radioactive waste?! Sure you do! Step this way, and we'll make your dreams come true.

Or rather, Japanese Twitter user @unatra will. They've posted some UH-MAZING pics of homemade rice balls glowing BRIGHT GREEN under black light, or UV light.

Who doesn't wanna surprise bae with this?! 

The fourth-year university student made the strange-looking concoction all on his own, and this is what you need to copy him:

*Tonic water

*Vitamin B2 pills

*Green food colouring

Chuck the ingredients in the water used to boil the rice and boom, youre a goddamn culinary genius (even if your Tinder date does shit themselves).

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