Food-Themed Condoms Are A Thing Now And Ew, No, Stop It

'Take me home and sashimi'.

Let's get one thing straight here. Condoms are not cute.

They are a necessary evil that most of us could rather do without, but we put up with to avoid the perpetual not-cuteness of unwanted children and venereal disease (and snort up our noses at the weekend, obvi).

One group of Taiwanese students seek to change all that, which is a GREAT THING - so they're packaging up contraceptives like stinky, occasionally allergy-inducing, fish. Oh.

In Taiwan, contraceptives are considered embarrassing to buy and use, so the students came up with the weirdly adorable/straight up gross idea of condoms packaged like sushi, fruit, and cupcakes. 

"Hopefully we can launch Oops into the international market," one told Broadly.

"Ultimately, they hope that the food-inspired packaging will motivate more women to pick up condoms for themselves. After all, the most important things in life are sex and food. We need sex, and Taiwanese people really like to eat. Like food, condoms are a necessity."

Well, they've got us there. We'll have two yorkshire puddings, one bag of Wotsits and a chocolate bourbon flavour, if you're taking requests.

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