Forget Boot Camp, POOP Camps Are The Latest Weight Loss Fad

We shit you not, they send a poop kit through the post.

Fad diets and weight loss trends still permeate Western culture and frankly they're a load of old shit. The latest in actual fact IS a load of shit - but it's fresh, at least.

UK health expert Victoria Wills is making scientifically-detailed gut analysis poopular (sorry) among rich folk in London. You can now pay £500 to give someone a box of your crap and have them look at it *very* closely. What a time to be alive, eh?

Part of a day-long workshop, Willis' 'bite-sized boot camp’ is apparently the only one to offer such a service. Wonder why.

Staring long and hard at waste matter can apparently showcase bacterial imbalances in your belly, plus help to identify the key to weight loss, alleviating depression and getting rid of anxiety. Actually, that sounds pretty good. So, what do you do?

Pick up a poo-testing kit through the post, of course. 

And just when we thought we were getting on board, they went and made it weird again... 

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