10 Commonwealth Games Athletes Who've Smelled Something Horrible

They're supposed to be a rousing celebration of athletic excellence, but the 2014 Games have been repeatedly marred by harrowing smells drifting across the field of play.

[subheader]Men's 100m Fartstyle[/subheader]

Ammaar Ghadiyali, Tanzania

[subheader]Men's 50m Backsidesmoke[/subheader]

Liam Tancock, England

[subheader]Men's 100m Bottomcry[/subheader]

James Guy, England

[subheader]Men's 10m Air Biscuit[/subheader]

Michael Gault, England

[subheader]Women's Long Pump[/subheader]

Johanna Benson, Namibia

[subheader]Men's Shit Put[/subheader]

Eldred Henry, British Virgin Islands

[subheader]Men's 50m Bumstink[/subheader]

Ross Murdoch, Scotland

[subheader]Men's Parpathalon 100m[/subheader]

[subheader]Men's 100m Bumstink[/subheader]

Adam Peaty, England

[subheader]Men's 100m Toilet Dash[/subheader]

Daniel Hooker, England