Frankie Muniz Binge-Watches Malcolm In The Middle To Jog Childhood Memories

The actor suffered mini-strokes that wiped out his memory.

Last week we reported that Malcolm In The Middle child star Frankie Muniz remembers very little from his star-studded childhood - possibly due to the series of mini-strokes he's suffered as a young adult.

We know his co-star Bryan Cranston has made it his mission to help Frankie remember the good times, and speaking to TMZ, it seems watching back old episodes is helping him bring memories back, too.

"It's not something I've ever really talked about because it's just me, it's just my life, so it just feels normal to me. 


"I don't have the greatest memory but I'm happy and having fun.

"So do you remember any of Malcolm In The Middle?" asks the reporter in a short video.


"I remember certain moments but they're usually brought back to me by watching or seeing pictures and stuff.

"So you do watch the show?", she pressed.

"Of course! I binged it this summer 'cos I've never really seen it, I've never really seen all the episodes. It's fun.


"I don't see it as me because I don't necessarily remember filming it. I actually got to watch it as a fan and enjoy the show because the show's really funny. I'm happy I was a part of it.

Asked by the TMZ journalist on whether it could be drugs that affected his memory, Frankie said:

"I'm 31 years old, I've never had a sip of alcohol, I've never done any drug ever, I have zero tattoos on my arm, I have zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol. So it can't be that! I wish I had an excuse but I don't."

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