Freaky Friday: Lindsay Lohan Live-Tweeted Brexit And Showed That She's The Leader We Deserve

She tried to make Remain happen.

As the results showing that the UK would leave the European Union trickled in last night, Twitter went NUTS (of course). People tried to rationalise the results in any way they could, not able to believe that Britain would actually leave the EU. Because why would you?

But one bold tweeter stood out among the crowd: a voice for the voiceless, a leader for our times.

And that visionary was Lindsay Lohan.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan, star of Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, and frequent visitor of police departments.

As the pound crashed, Lindsay stood tall.

She backed EU health and safety regulations with cold hard FACTS, baby.

She reached out to the British public.

And she gave the people hope in their darkest hours.


She campaigned for Remain, though, less usefully, only after the actual polls had closed. 

And if you were wondering, she DEFINITELY wasn't hacked.

But in the end, this was all there was to say.

UPDATE: Lindsay has deleted all of these tweets. What does this mean? We have no idea. Maybe she was hacked? Maybe she regrets her tweet storm?

Maybe, just maybe, she's the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

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