14 Hilariously Embarrassing 80s And 90s Commercials Featuring Friends Stars

Joey doesn't share food in real life, either.

Life isn't easy for a young, struggling actor. Before Hollywood plucks you from the pack, you usually spend your days being constantly rejected at auditions and waiting tables to pay the rent.

Sometimes - just sometimes - you land a commercial, and jump at the chance of a paid acting gig. And as Joey taught us with his hilarious herpes campaign, it really doesn't matter what the product is, because at the time it's all about cold hard cash.

What happens next? if you're lucky enough you make it big, the internet then spends all of its spare time making sure you never forget all of the cringeworthy commercials you ever tried to erase from your memory... 


Matt Le Blanc


Heinz Ketchup

Coca Cola (catch Matt at the 8.40 point)

Cherry 7-UP



Fruitful Bran

What can we learn from this: Matt loves food as much as his Friends counterpart, and every brand in the eighties had a hilariously awesome guitar theme tune.


Matthew Perry


1987 Pacific Bell Commercial

Cancelled pilot for the show Second Chance

Microsoft Windows 95 video guide (also featuring Jennifer Aniston)


What can we learn from this: we owe our lives to the person who decided to cancel Second Chance (and that it's not possible for the human mind to fathom the amount of money Microsoft must have paid them to appear in that video.)


Courtney Cox


Tampax Commercial


What can be learned from this: Courtney shouts to herself in the gym changing rooms about female hygiene. It's a wonder she made any friends at all.


David Schwimmer


AT&T commercial


What can be learned from this: David Schwimmer treats technical support calls like Tinder.


Jennifer Aniston


What can be learned from this: Lynx deoderant and feminism do not mix (and that Jennifer Aniston's life vastly improves with time. Check our her equally embarassing Emirates ad here)


Lisa Kudrow


Nintendo DS


What can we learn from this: that Lisa Kudrow was pretty workshy before Friends, because we couldn't find anything. Still, we thought you'd enjoy this advert where Lisa gets smug over a Nintendo DS.


The Whole Cast

This 'banned' promo for Friends


What can we learn from this: That sex sells, and Courtney's a square in real life, too.


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