Friends Fans Spotted A Massive Blunder With Monica's Wedding Dress

"They're as different as night and... later that night."

It's easy to be picky when it comes to continuity in Friends...

But, to be fair, when something has such a loooong run, something's bound to slip through the net.

Saying that, this had even us shook... 

It was massive when the Monica and Chandler engagement was announced.

Seeing Monica, Rachel and Phoebe at the designer dress shop was hella exciting for fans across the globe... 

And then at the discount shop, where they looked for a more affordable gown identical to the expensive one... you following? 

All this is well and good; they find the perfect replacement. 

Except it looks literally nothing like the original... 

Reddit user DJreddit91 was the one to spot the error, posting: "Monica finds her dream dress at an expensive wedding salon and plans to find it at a discount sale in Brooklyn later. We see her searching and then exclaim to have found THE dress... but it's an entirely different dress!

"It has capped sleeves and a different bodice, the original one being a halter neckline. We then see her later try on the dress and she's back in the original... driven me mad for years, clearly."

Via Gifsoup

As we all know, Monica actually gets married in neither of the dresses after the 'Bridezilla' fiasco. 

Hopefully that helps you sleep at night, at least... 

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