Friends Monopoly Has Arrived And You Can Actually Play As Chandler's Sweater Vest

Or Ross' dinosaur...

We know what you need. You need Friends.

Warner Bros.

No, not those IRL people who take you out for coffee and make you laugh, you need the show, Friends.

You know, six people, one coffee house with a freakishly blonde barista, a very purple apartment and a guy who's had three divorces?

Actually, why not mix the two with a 'Friends' board game?

Yes, you heard us right, it’s Friends… Monopoly.

Warner Bros.

Friends Monopoly is brought to you courtesy of The Works, and you will not BELIEVE what it includes.

You can play the game as any member of the gang, by using their iconic tokens. For Ross of course, it’s a dinosaur, for Rachel it’s clothing, and for Chandler it’s one of his many sweater vests.

After arguing over who has to be Ross for three hours, the fun can begin and you can become one of the most beloved and famous sitcom stars of ALL time.

Warner Bros.

For just £29.99, you and 2-6 players (over the age of 8, guys, this is serious stuff, more intense than the lightning round) can grab yourself the game board, 8 tokens, 28 title deed cards (is there a selfless good deed?), 16 chance cards, 18 community chest cards, a set of Monopoly dollars (that still doesn’t add up to the amount of money that Joey owes Chandler), 32 green houses, 12 red hotels, 2 dice and one die*.

*Wicked Wango cards not included :(

You can find the link to Friends Monopoly here!

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