"Fun And Results" Was The Victorian "Netflix And Chill"

Those nineteenth-century gentlemen were smooth, smooth bastards.

Being alive in Victorian times must largely have sucked. Everyone had weird diseases like scrofula, nobody could vote and Tinder hadn't been invented. They actually had no dating apps at all. Goddamn savages. The closest they had to sending each other their photographed junk were flirtation cards.

These ranged from mildly salacious...

To pretty confusing...

To laden with bullshit (a millionaire's only son, eh?)...

To completely fucking rubbish.

Some came with bult-in rejection options...

Or crude yet confusing visual double entendres (is that a cock and an ass?).

"Kissing Rogue", however, is the greatest fake job title conceivable, and if James L Callas didn't die from a sex overdose, there's no justice in the world.

"Friends and knockers"?

Is "love made at short notice" really a good thing to boast about in black and white like that?

But then there's this, which might as well just say "CAN WE DO A FUCK PLEASE" on it.

There are loads more on collector Alan Mays' Flickr