Furries Are Sending Raunchy Messages To Tony The Tiger And It's Not Grrreat

Things are getting Frostie.

Is nothing sacred on this god-forsaken lumpy rock we call earth? Is nothing untouchable? Tony The Tiger has been receiving explicit messages from twitter users, as humanity's black heart ruins all that's pure and innocent once again.

Mr. The Tiger has started blocking tweets sent to him by "Furries" - people who enjoy dressing up and/or doing naughtier things in life-sized animal suits - as part of what is now known as #TonyTigerGate. 

The undeniably sexy cereal mascot has spoken out against the harrassment, warning that "cubs could be watching". 

Unfortunately this has not stopped the more virile wild beasts out there, and Tony is still reacting frostily to anyone getting a little hot under the collar. 

So that's it, really. That's the day that everything that was good in the world perished and died. Of course, this isn't the first time Tony The Tiger's name has been besmirched online, but truly, this is the worst. Not the worst thing to happen to Tony - no, no - the worst thing to happen ever.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.