Game Of Thrones Vs The Walking Dead: Which TV Show Has The Most Gruesome Deaths?

Spoiler alert: It's pretty disgusting.

Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead: two series that don’t leave much to the imagination when it comes to harrowing deaths... but which were the worst?

Who deserved a grisly end, and who didn’t? Which animal were we least sad about losing? And will the world ever be the same again after the death of Hodor? Of course not...

Round 1: The People Who Didn't Deserve It  - Oberyn Martell Vs Glenn Rhee

One thing connects The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones: if you're foolish enough to like a character, they are guaranteed to die... and you will never be able to trust anything ever again.

Both of these characters ended up looking like a smashed jar of Dolmio sprayed across the floor of a Tesco aisle, BUT the point in this round must be awarded to Glenn simply because he REALLY didn’t deserve it.

Let’s face it, Oberyn was pretty damn cocky. And after the death and subsequent rebirth of Jon Snow, we're still a little bit hopeful that he'll return... albeit headless.

WINNER: The Walking Dead

Round 2: The People Who 100% Deserved It - Joffrey Baratheon Vs The Governor

There are few events in history that have unified people across the planet in the same way the death of Joffrey Baratheon did. In Game Of Thrones' fourth season, the sadistic boy king was poisoned at his own wedding and in that moment the world became one in our unified disdain for this character who would be known as Baby Donald Trump. 

The only question is why this day hasn't yet been honoured with a Bank Holiday. If we get the day off for a Royal Wedding, why not a purple one?

WINNER: Game of Thrones

Round 3: The Nice Old People - Maester Aemon Vs Hershel Greene

Old people are nice. They always have the heating on, 85% of their diet is Victoria sponge cake and when they’re not banging on about Brexit they talk a lot of sense. While Aemon’s death from old age was truly upsetting it didn't quite live up to Hershel's brutal beheading at the hands of The Governor.

It was like watching your Dad cry, or the feeling you had when you saw one of your secondary school teachers outside of school wearing jeans. You knew it could happen, but why? WHY?

WINNER: The Walking Dead

Round 3: The Cute Animal - Grey Wind Vs Rick’s Horse

Nobody likes seeing animals die on TV. It’s the reason why we were cheering like crazy people for the lizard on Planet Earth 2 and why The Supervet isn’t a fly-on-the-wall documentary about a man who’s dangerously incompetent at his job.

Rick’s trusty steed was one of the first victims of the zombie outbreak, used as bait by Rick because Rick’s a real asshole. Cut to Game of Thrones and The Red Wedding - a spectacle of tragedy we all thought was the worst event ever until 2016 came along and said "you think that's bad? Hold my beer."

Robb's poor Direwolf Grey Wind was shot with a crossbow several times, beheaded, then suffered the indignity of having his majestic head sewn on to his human companion's decapitated body before being paraded through the streets of Riverrun while undoubtedly wondering where it all went wrong. 

WINNER: Game Of Thrones

Tie Break: The Saddest Death Of All Time - Hodor vs Every Single Death In The Walking Dead Combined

Hodor, obviously. Forever Hodor.



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