Gary Busey or Jayden Smith? Murr Teases Impractical Jokers Movie Cameo And We Just Can't

Anyone for a game of 'Guess Who?'

No one is safe from mischief with The Impractical Jokers. And now they've got their own MOVIE on the way, the heat is ON. 

Whether it be at the supermarket or in the library - you truly can't predict where or when they will appear... 

Because of this, we're always prepared.  

So when James 'Murr' Murray teased us on Twitter with a 'guess the cameo' game, we got SO into it. 

The possibilities are endless! People have their fave guesses though... 

Could it be Gary Busey in the hoos-ey? 

Can we smell a whiff of Jayden Smith? 

Legendary Larry? 

Ricky Gervais in our face? 

Who do you want it to be? 

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