Genius Tenant Adds A Sneaky Clause To His Landlord's Lease

Where do we sign?

A landlord has learned a very important lesson this week, namely: don't send important documents to your tenants in Microsoft Word. "Why?" you ask, desperately crying out to know - why, because then the tenant can go in and edit the file willy nilly.

This is what one heroic man recently did - adding a clause into his lease saying that the landlord must buy him a birthday cake on the weekend closest to his birthday. 

Redditor GloriousGherkins uploaded the picture with the caption, "My lease came as a Word file instead of PDF. I made a slight change before signing it." 

Amazingly, the landlord has now signed the doc, making it all bonafide and official. 

Isn't that beautiful? This guy deserves all the cakes. In fact, we might pop off to buy him one now. 


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