Get Ready: New South Park "Will Blow People's Minds"

And Reality might make a comeback.

South Park Season 20 looks set to be as awesome as ever, with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone assuring fans that it will "blow people's minds".

In an interview with Mashable, the super writing duo explained that they usually have NFI what is going to happen in a South Park episode until the week they're writing it, which makes the show a thrill ride for everyone involved.

But it also meant that they came up with awesome characters in the last season like PC Principal and Reality, the second of which may be making an EPIC COMEBACK. And we couldn't be more excited.

Trey also revealed that they do search for feedback on the interwebs: "We try not to do it too much, but you do look at message boards and stuff like that."

The danger for everyone is how they take it. "If we get feedback that people are going 'Fuck that character,' our first instinct is like 'We're gonna do a lot with that character.'"

We're also a little worried about Trey - the number of times he uses the word "scary" makes it seem like making the show is a terrifying experience. Observe.

On keeping PC Principal in more than one episode: "It's scary because what if nobody thinks this is funny?"

On everything working out by writing an episode each week: "It's scary."

On doing it again: "It's also scary to go, oh, we'll just do that again, start — and it'll just work out again."  

We've got your back, Trey, because based on the last 19 seasons of greatness we're very confident you'll absolutely nail the new episodes.

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