Zach Braff Says A Scrubs MOVIE Might Be On The Way

"I think that would be something we could all do. I mean, I would."

We’re still ecstatic that Scrubs is on Comedy Central from 15th January.

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We’ve missed J.D’s weird inner monologues, Elliot Reed's rants, and Turk and J.D’s beeeeeeautiful friendship.

But we can’t help but wish for a reunion, to see our faves back together again one final time. Wrinkled, in 2018. Is that too much to ask for?


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When Zach Braff was talking with TV Guide, he spilt the beans that he too would love a reunion, and he’s got an epic idea for what would come from it:

"I don't think we'd do a traditional TV show thing, but I think we daydream about the idea of doing, like, a TV movie. That's something that feels more realistic"

Can we scream yet?

"Because everyone is so all over the place... I don't think we'd want to do a revival of the show, but I think what's more realistic and feasible would be to do sort of a — like Psych did a two-hour movie. I think that would be something we could all do. I mean, I would."

If he’s down then the rest of the cast have to be too!

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TV Guide also sat down with Sarah Chalke, who plays Dr Elliot Read, and it seems she’s totally up for it:

"Would I do a Scrubs reunion movie? Hell yes, I would! It was such a great job. We all still hang out and I would love it."

We’ve basically been ready since 2009 when Scrubs ended. WE CAN’T BELIEVE THIS COULD FINALLY BE HAPPENING.

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