Gift Guide: Christmas Present Ideas For True Friends Fans

Including an actual peephole frame, for actual peepholes.

A teeny tiny version of the couch from Central Perk. IN NECKLACE FORM.

Give your friend this couch pendant necklace and they'll immediately prefer you to anyone else. Probably.

A Christmas card to cheer up anyone whose partner's just left them in time for Christmas.

Why get a normal, dull Christmas card, when you can get a Friends themed card?

A T-shirt with the holiday armadillo on it. For when all the Santa suits are out of stock.

Which Ross Geller lover wouldn't want to wear the holiday armadillo on a T-shirt?

A mug with some of Phoebe's finest lyrics on it, for the Jewish Friends fan.

Love Phoebe's unique lyrics and hot drinks? Then get a Friends themed set of mugs!

The perfect toy for your one and only <3

Let someone know that they're your lobster with this cute lobster toy.

The friggin peephole!

If any Friends lover doesn't want the peephole from Friends, then they're... well not a Friends lover.

A cushion for the pregnant people in your life.

Got an angry and pregnant friend? They will love this 'no uterus, no opinion' cushion!

A card for everyone who's struggling to get excited about Channukah.

Get them in the mood for celebrations with a holiday armadillo card.

A mug for that friend who'll always help you out, no matter what.

A PIVOT MUG. Would wouldn't want a PIVOT MUG?!

The only decoration Friends fans need for a new home.

If you want to get really meta, get someone the Jouets poster.

A print with the best quotes from the series, to get you through good times and bad.

Know someone who is constantly quoting Friends? They need this Friends quote poster.

Finally, a Christmas jumper like no other. 

Comedy Central

OK, so we totally photoshopped this ourselves. But someone needs to make Friends Christmas jumpers!

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