Good News Stranger Things Fans! Barb Is Alive And Well...

R.I.P. #RIPBarb

Stranger Things. You love it. We love it. The whole world freakin' loves it!


But the one thing we hate hate hated was just how awfully one character was treated. No, we're not talking about Eleven being subjected to routine torture, or people taking the piss out of Dustin's teeth. We're talking about the best character.



Abandoned by her closest friend, abducted by the devilish Demogorgon, then left to die, cold and alone without anyone even noticing she was gone!? That's got to be a fate worse than death.

But good news, Barb fans. SHE LIVES!


Appearing as a surprise guest on Chelsea Handler's creatively-named talk show (Chelsea) actress Shannon Purser presented Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) with a special 14th Birthday cake (and a round of hugs)!


The feels.


The relief.


Welcome back, Barb!

She told the gang how utterly bizarre the whole experience of becoming an internet fave has been, and how, honestly, she didn't expect it at all.

But seriously, Shannon. How could you not have known. Barb is iconic. You're iconic. Everything you do is iconic.

Thank you for being you, Shannon.

Watch the full video below...


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