When South Park Ripped Into Pokémon It Was Glorious And Terrifying


Sure, Pokémon Go may be the new thing on the block. And the next block. And the next.

Really, just all of the blocks. It's EVERYWHERE.

But back in the 90s, Pokémon was just starting out as a global phenomenon.

Between the video games and cards, kids were going legit crazy for that shit. And South Park being South Park, well, it totally ripped into the fad in ruthless fashion.

Fortunately, this brought Chinpokomon into the world.

Comedy Central/South Park

In South Park, Chinpokomon took over in much the same way Pokémon have taken over in the real world: through evil subliminal messaging.

But, these little creatures were designed to enlist children in a Japanese invasion of America.

Cartman was totally on board.

Comedy Central/South Park

Sure, the plan didn't work, and there's no way Pokémon was a cover for any kind of invasion, but the devotion of the South Park gang to Chinpokomon is definitely on the same level as the world's current dedication to Pokémon Go.

Let's just hope there are no nefarious plans for a hostile takeover of the world by, say, malevolent aliens from Uranus.

Because we would defs be doomed.

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