#GrowingUpADirectioner Tweets That'll Terrify You To Your Core

Next time you meet a 1D fan, just smile and nod. Smile and nod.

Directioners. They're everywhere, they're *awesome* (hi guys! We're just over here, getting on with our pathetic little lives! Typing away in our silly little office! HahahahHHhahHAhahahahhaa! Plz don't maim us! Love you!) and today, they're tweeting their love for the world's biggest boy band with the hashtag #GrowingUpADirectioner. There've been some brilliant respsonses, to say the least.

Some say Directioners are quite committed:

Others, a *little* obsessive:

But all loyal, to the end.

Others say they're batshit cray cr- ohhhhhahahHAhahahHAHahah, hello again Directioners, how are you today? We were just talking about how *SOME* 1D fans are a bit weird. But not you. Definitely not you. Or any of these people. WHAT A GREAT LIST OF GREAT PEOPLE WHO JUST LOVE A GREAT BAND, EH?!

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