Guess How Much This Londoner Is Renting The Corner Of A Room For

Hint: not nothing. It should be nothing.

When Dr Samuel Johnson first said, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" he didn't realise that some bloke would try to rent out the CORNER of his room for £430 a month.

Had he realised - and we really should get a time machine to tell him - he probably would've ammended his quote to: "HOLY SHIT LONDON WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?". 

The Gumtree advert, which has since been removed, pictured a bedroom floor in Harrington Street, near Euston. 

Don't worry, you wouldn't just get the single bed though, for your hundreds of pounds you'd also get drawers and wardrobe space. 

Actually, maybe we've been living in London too long, but this is starting to look like a bargain.


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