Guy Makes Girlfriend Insanely Detailed 'Explosion Box' Before College

Prepare to hate your boyfriend. Like, really hate him.

Thought your boyfriend loved you, huh?

Got you some 'cuddle time coupons' for your birthday once, did he? Made you breakfast in bed, too, hmm?

Bet he didn't hand-make you an ~Explosion Box~, though

Yeah. It's a lot cuter than it sounds.

This happy girlfriend just recieved the most amazing gift from her other half before he headed off to college...

And even if their relationship *does* explode in a thousand tiny pieces when he meets a hottie with cool hair at a Freshman rager then joins her swim team, meets her friends, gradually stops calling then eventually forgets the last few years of his life completely, at least his one-time bae will have this to remember him by.

We weep.

If your love life *isn't* a trainwreck, make your own with vlogger Brasel Seng via YouTube. Sigh.

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