Guy Tries To Troll Hotel With Insane Demands, They Meet Every Single One

BRB, booking a hotel room.

We've all heard those horror stories about people who leave random items between the bed sheets in hotel rooms, with a note that explains if the item is still there when you arrive, your horrible hotel staff didn't bother changing the sheets before you checked in.

We've also heard about crazy hotel guests who make total carnage of their room, leaving poor hotel staff to literally clean up their mess. But how about a combo of the two things, that's actually goddamn hilarious?

Imgur user jnut731 thought he'd test the mettle of the people looking after him on a recent holiday, leaving an increasingly insane (and hilarious - so, so hilarious) list of demands on their website before he left the room each day. AND THEY MET THEM. ALL OF THEM. EVEN THIS ONE:

Obviously trying to think up the most random things possible, jnut371 thought he'd catch them out at some point - but alas for him (and hooray for the people reading this article), he never did:

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