Guys Are Trolling The #GreySweatpantsChallenge Very, Very Hard

Can something be NSFW and SFW at the same time?!

We've had the A4 Waist Challenge. Next came the Mannequin Challenge. So when the #GreySweatpantsChallenge came about, people were ready. 

Ready to troll the HELL out of it.

You see, the Grey Sweatpants Challenge is the art of showing off how big your bulge is when wearing, you guessed it, you clever little sausage... grey sweatpants. Here's what it's all about (shield your eyes if under 16, heavily religious or sensitive to outlines of ginormous penises through undergarments):

Ok cool now that's out of the way (stop looking. For the love of God, stop looking), here's all the hilarious ways people are reacting on the

These people are hilarious

Totally SFW

Seriously were we this funny as teenagers?

Someone brought this total classic back:

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