Happy Gilmore Is Now A Scary As Heck Horror Movie And My God

More like Happy KILLMORE, AMIRITE!?

Adam Sandler is a terrifying human being.

Columbia Pictures

A racist calling out here, a homophobic joke or two there, it's honestly horrifying that he can still make movies tbh (thanks, Netflix). But, today, we've been posed an even more terrifying question:

What if Adam Sandler's acting wasn't the scariest thing about his movies?

New Line Cinema

Well, that's exactly what one what expert editor wondered when they decided to turn beloved golfing classic, Happy Gilmore, into a Grade A horror movie trailer, Happy KILLmore.

Seeing as we're running up to Halloween, we thought we'd give you the spoopy treat you so desperately deserve.

First things first though, we need you to sign a little something ~real~ quick...



*Phew* alright, knock yourself out.

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