Harry Potter And The Fan Fic Where A Squid Has Sex With Hogwarts

“Just trust me,” the giant squid replied, caressing Hogwarts’ outer walls.

Fan fiction is one of the best things on the internet.

Imagine an entire community of writers, gifted with wild imaginations, telling amazing stories that include all your favourite pop culture characters! It's the dream right.

But what if two of your favourite Harry Potter characters finally got together?

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NO! Not Ron and Harry. We're talking about the Giant Squid who lives in the lake, and Hogwarts itself... OBVS!

Yes, there's a fan fic out there where a Giant Squid and a school fall in love, because the internet is where dreams are made.

We can't post the entire story here, but we thought we'd give you just a fishy flavour of what magic awaits if you search it up... or click this link.

Harry Potter Wikia / Comedy Central

“This is incredible,” Hogwarts breathed.

“This isn’t even the best part.” He held up his two longest tentacles. “These can reach farther than a room; they can go into your hallways.”

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We'll just let you imagine what happens either side of this quote, but believe us, it's a story you need to read...

Maybe J.K. Rowling could use it as research for a sexy seven-part spin-off?

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