Harry Potter Lingerie Could Help You Slytherin

Forget Amortentia...

If your love life's limper than unwatered Fluxweed, you'll have fantasised about Amortentia too many times to count.

In the muggle world, you can't make anyone love you - except, perhaps, if you turn up to some horny Hufflepuff's bedroom in THIS:


I mean...


Magic may not exist, but this is pretty damn close.


Yandy.com's 'Magical Student Fantasy' lingerie costume featuring a sheer, grey lace crop top with a white collar, a sheer, burgundy high waisted panty with a grey lace trim, a cheeky cut back, removable burgundy and gold suspenders, and a matching striped tie. (Glasses and wand not included.)

Even better, there's a 'Crooked Broomstick' to accessorise with.


Mischief managed, indeed. The only thing we're not happy about? There's only a Gryffindor version - how's that meant to help a Ravenclaw Slytherin?

J.K. Rowling Answers Our Burning Questions: