Hate Mondays? At Least You're Not This Guy Covered in Monkeys

And then Reddit unleashed Photoshop hell.

Is there anything you can't do in Photoshop? With Photoshop, you can create anything you could ever need. Need that good exam grade? Photoshop. Told your friends about your super-hot Canadian girlfriend but now they want proof? Photoshop. Need a lot of money quickly? Rob a bank. And then use Photoshop to doctor the CCTV footage.

Where Photoshop really comes into its own is in Photoshop battles though, and the most recent battle saw users slug it out using a photo of a man having the most Monday-ish Monday of all time, when he attempted to feed a group of monkeys.

Clever man.


The photo that launched a thousand Photoshops.




Save me, Superman! You're my only hope! (Before you email in to complain, don't worry - we know that this picture is actually from Beauty and The Beast.)

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