Heathrow Airport's Adorable Christmas Advert Kinda Misses The Point

Not everyone can get home to their families this year.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING. We know this thanks to the slew of Christmas adverts flooding our TV sets and Facebook feeds, making us *so* weepy and vulnerable we spend our savings at Sainsbury's/John Lewis/Heathrow airport.

Wait, Heathrow?

Yep, the airport (that most festive of locations) has brought out a Christmas advert centered around teddy bears and old people (nice work) telling the story of travellers heading home for the holidays.

Heathrow via YouTube

Cute AF (providing said teddies are *definitely* travellers and not migrants, illegal immigrants, refugees or any of those other more unsavoury types of human trying to get home to their families, right Mr. Trump? BoJo? Mrs May?). 

Sit back, enjoy the advert and think about donating to a refugee crisis charity this year, if you can. The sad fact is they need to get home to their families too - no tear-jerking bears neccessary.

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