Helen Mirren Hurls Incredible Insults At Americans In New Super Bowl Ad

Everyone in favour of making her the new queen say AYE.

Helen Mirren is just the best British woman alive, isn't she? Wait, no, the best woman. Heck, we'll say it: THE BEST PERSON.

And if the queen of our hearts hadn't already kicked enough ass, she's now made an anti-drink driving advert for the Super Bowl, and delivered the message in the best, most British way ever. 

Mirren slings some of the best insults you'll ever hear in the 60-second ad by Budweiser, and it's all for a damn good cause. Alongside the video, they're also running a twitter campaign where they'll donate one dollar to safe ride programs every time someone uses their Helen Mirren #GiveADamn tweet generator.

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