Here Are All Of The Celebs Confirmed To Star In Zoolander 2

Blue steelin' Biebs.

Logic dictates that it should never have been allowed to happen; that long-awaited sequels to cult classics are almost always underwhelming, and risk sullying the cherished memory of the original. But we don't care. Shut up shut up shut up - because we can't wait for Zoolander 2.

Not only are all of our favourite characters returning, but Zoolander 2 will also see a ridiculous number of celebrities ripping the piss out of themselves on screen. Including Katy Perry. SHE DID AN INSTAGRAM VIDEO  WITH DEREK AND EVERYTHING.


FASHUN WILL HAPPUN 2.12.16. @Zoolander #Zoolander2

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

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