Here's A Complete How To Guide For All The Things "You've Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life"

Because bagels are meant for snorting, not eating.

If there's one thing us humans hate, it's getting things wrong. Well, disease, starvation, missing the latest episode of Game of Thrones and (if you're not a Tory), rampant poverty come first, but after that it's definitely getting shit wrong.

So it's no wonder our writers started to get pretty upset when they logged onto Facebook every morning, only to see a whole new way they'd been failing their entire life...

That's right, the tried and tested "you've been [using condoms / injecting heroin / putting one foot in front of the other and propelling yourself through three dimensions] wrong your entire life" post. Well, lucky for you, we've been through all the best articles on the internet to pick out the REAL solutions to all your problems.

Here are 28 ways to stop failing like the idiot you are.

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