21 Reasons Shrek Absolutely Ruined 2004

Shame on us, shame on us all.

If theres one thing us millennials love, it's a little smidgen of nostalgia. Okay, who are we kidding, a fuzzton of nostalgia!

If we're not remiscing about our favourite 90s toys, we're recreating choice scenes from our childhood in LEGO. But if there's one thing we really NEED to forget about, it's Shrek.

Sure, Shrek started innocent enough. An ogre with a heart of... well, not gold, exactly. Copper? But what started out as an innocent kids' film about not judging books (or ogres or donkeys or that weird boy down the street) by their covers quickly became a living, breathing nightmare.

So here are 21 ways in which Shrek ruined everything in 2004.

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