Here's What A Friends Theme Park Would Look Like, OMG Take Us There

Meet you in the 'Joey Doesn't Share Food Court'.

Next month brings us FriendsFest 2016, quite simply the best Friends-related event in existence.

The giant festival will bring iconic sets from the sitcom to life, in spots all across the UK - last year featured Central Perk, Monica and Chandler's apartments and even the famous fountain - AND THERE ARE STILL TICKETS LEFT.

You have a whole month to wait, so 'til then, we imagined A virtual Friends theme park for funsies. From the 'Joey Doesn't Share Food Court' to the Smelly Cat escape game, we've dreamed up a bunch of attractions that might feature in a permanent Friends theme park. Or even this year's FriendsFest, if you're *really* lucky... 

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