Here's What Actually Happened To Your Tomb Raider 2 Butler

You monsters...

Today marks 20 years since Tomb Raider II's release.

20 years. That's 96 years in the life of a Basset Hound. If reincarnation was real you could have lived 7,300 Mayfly lives in that time. Let that sink in.

But enough about mortality, let's talk about murder.

You, yes you, sitting there, thinking you're a regular upstanding citizen. You are a god damn murderer. Why? Because you did this.

It all seemed like a bit of fun at the time.

Explore your newly-expanded mansion. Make Winston, the excruciatingly-elderly (and likely arthritic) butler, follow you around with a tray of tea and custard creams from the bedroom, through the garden, to the kitchen and finally into the freezer, only for Lara to suddenly hop over his head and slam the door shut.

Well, congratulations, because according to How Stuff Works, being locked in a freezer has some rather nasty consequences.

Paramount Pictures

Thanks to you, poor old Winston is facing not one, not two, but THREE life-threatening situations.

1. Hypothermia.

2. Frostbite.

3. Lack of air supply.

According to HSW, the only hope you have in this situation is to find some shelter from the cold - wrapping yourself in a coat, or jumping inside a Tauntaun - I guess Winston could poor the tea all over himself and hope for the best, but honestly, in all likelihood, you killed a virtual old man.

Warner Bros.

Well, at least we all got curious and decided to open the door in the end (if only to check on whether he'd kicked the bucket or not).

Want to see what happens when you try and use some more video game logic in real life?

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