Here's What Every Celebrity At The BRITs Actually Looked Like

All good things.

Listen, we're going to be honest with you. The only reason we ever watch the BRIT awards is for the outfits. And we ain't talking about the good ones.

Every year, some-celebrity-or-other takes it to the next level with their furry/glittery/sequined/meaty ensemble, and we can't help but stare. 

We're not ones to mock, of course, so instead we're celebrating their outfits. By comparing them to inanimate objects. Enjoy. 

Labrinth - A pack of Strawberry Millions

Getty / Comedy Central

Undeniably tasty, if not a little hard to swallow. 

Jess Glynne - Merida from Brave

Getty / Comedy Central

"Yes, yes, that outfit is very brave"

"You mean like the movie?"

"What movie?" 

James Bay - The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Getty / Comedy Central

It's not even the hat, tbh. 

Sinitta - This limited edition blue Furby

Getty / Comedy Central

Who wouldn't want to look like a blue furby though? The jokes on you and your boring, boring jeans. 

Keith Lemon - This Playmobil man

Getty / Comedy Central

We can hardly tell them apart.

Lana Del Rey - This Lampshade

Getty / Comedy Central

A very, very nice lampshade, to be fair to all involved. 

Cheryl Not-Sure-What-Her-Last-Name-Is-Rn - This saucy Belle Halloween costume

Getty / Comedy Central

She doesn't look like actual Belle, because Belle would never show her thighs. Believe us. We've asked. 

Rihanna - The Bang On The Door Cat

Getty / Comedy Central

Spread it like wildfire.