Will Smith Is LIVING For This High School Troupe's Take On His Fresh Prince Dance

They are POPPIN'

If you know anything about The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (which you MUST by now), you'll know that almost every episode is littered with BOPS. 

'The Carlton Dance' and 'The Jump On It Dance' are just two of many jigs made famous by the show. 

We're not surprised that they're still inspiring young people everywhere to get up and rhythmic... 

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New Zealand’s Manurewa High School's super innovative dance team, 'Rewa All-Stars' choreographed a Fresh Prince-themed dance for an international dance competition in which they were competing and posted in online for the world to enjoy. 

It's fair to say that EVERYONE.LOVED.IT. 

Even Will Smith is gushing over it, taking to Instagram to post a snippet of the performance with praise better than we're sure they could have hoped for. 

What a bunch of legends. Can't wait for them to inevitably come to the UK with their poppin' moves.

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