Hilarious Dad Writes The Ultimate Put-Down To Sweary Teenager

Kill' em with kindness. And some good puns.

Anyone who's struggled to get a tetchy teen to put on something respectable and get out the door on time for school amid screams of "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!" can identify the unique 'joys' of raising teenagers.

Most parents crack on with the beta blockers, pour a nip of whiskey into their coffee and head off on the school run (don't they?), but not this punny dad, oh no.

He wrote his angry teen a card. Which somehow managed to be cute AND hilarious (to us, anyway. We're pretty sure his kid is still plotting his death over some confiscated hair gel or something).

It reads:

"You're upset, and rightly so

13 can be a hard time, I know.

You can't cuss at me, but you can say 'I'm mad!'

And I'll try not to say,

'Mad, nice to meet you...I'm Dad.'


Your Father".

Downtowncrownfrown, if you're reading this, let us know how your 13-year-old reacted. Downtowncrownfrown? You there? Hello?

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