29 Hilarious Pictures Of One Direction Before They Were Famous

They didn't always have a stylist...

One Direction are all grown up now: Liam is dating X Factor judge Cheryl [whatever her current surname is] and Louis Tomlinson is a dad. Let that sink in for a second while you munch on your third Pret sandwich of the week and minimise this screen as your boss wanders past.

But they weren't always this way, and we carry this notion with us, to retain the comforting allusion that anything is possible for normal dweebs like us.

We're trawled the interne.com for photographic evidence that no matter how many millions he's now worth, Harry Styles once wore  a T-shirt emblazoned with 'Bitches <3 me' and Louis Tomlinson thought it was acceptable to cut open a football and wear it on his head. Feel better already, don't you? Happy Friday.

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