Hillary Clinton Crowned Meme Queen In New Parody Promo

Damn, Hillary! Back at it again with the educational reform.

Much like the Brexit campaign, the US presidential contest is an absolute joke.

On the one hand you have a rational, (reasonably) well-thought-out campaign based on verifiable facts and progressive politics...


And on the other, you have a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic clown hell-bent on bringing about the destruction of everything we hold dear...


But enough about BoJo. We're here to talk about HillDog.

Hillary Clinton has been making waves amongst younger voters by taking to Twitter and speaking their language. Who could forget that iconic moment she told Trump to 'delete his account', or this moment almost definitely orchestrated for the gif LOLs.

Alarmingly, Trump's popularity seems unstoppable, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that he's the greatest IRL troll the world's seen since Sony tried to make MiniDisc a thing, so it seems like it's time for Hillary to bring out the big guns.

So here it is, an amazing (parody) PSA harnessing the extreme power of memes! 

Wonder where she stands on #DicksOutForHarambe?

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