How Can We Watch The Friends Reunion This Weekend?

Don't be Bamboozled.

Alright alright alright, now we know everyone on this page is still obsessed with Friends - and wants to squeeze every last drop of 'reunion' juice out of the James Burrows tribute on NBC.

Jennifer Aniston talked about how the gang bonded over endless games of poker (which explains these hella weird promotional posters from the 90s!) and our hearts melted all over again. So how can we see the entire show? We have burning questions, questions we NEED answered if we're ever going to sleep properly again. Here are the facts:

In the US:

The event, which was filmed on January 24 in Hollywood, is showing in the US on NBC on Sunday 21st February at 9pm ET/PT (2am GMT).

In the UK:

You won't be able to (legally) watch it on TV, but STRAIGHT AFTERWARDS we'll be rounding up ALL the clips, quotes and extras from the event. All the BRAND NEW INFORMATION, basically. Check out the latest Friends reunion clip available now.

We're so excited, we may vomit.