How Dungeons And Dragons Made South Park Great

The awesomeness had to come from somewhere.

If you've ever wondered how Trey Parker and Matt Stone got so damn good at storytelling - and they are obviously masters of the craft - it's time to wonder no more.

Because we've got the 411. The down low. Nay, the deets.

Fine, fine, we'll share it with you. Though if you had thought about it for a second, you would have known that the answer was Dungeons and Dragons (because of the headline, yeah?).

You see, Trey Parker has told the world that D&D honed his storytelling abilities, sharpening them until they were nice and pointy: essentially, narrative perfection.

And he still plays, just to keep his story-brain nice and fresh. In fact, he recently played with Elon Musk (the guy who builds rockets and magical cars and shit, kind of like a real life Iron Man).

"That was really fun and the best part of it was, I was like, ‘We shouldn’t spend a lot of time doing character creation because we were going to start at level 1, and… I was just emailing him and I was like, ‘If you just want to tell me what race and class you want to be, I’ll do the sheets so we can just get to playing and maybe 20 seconds later an email came back: ‘Human Paladin.’"

Comedy Central/South Park

So if you love D&D, just think - you, too, could be the creator of a cultural phenomenon the likes of which has never been seen before or since.

Sure, you might not, but dare to dream, okay?

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