QUIZ: How Many Of These Nostalgic Video Games Can You Name?

Goldeneeeeeye we found your weakness

Classic. Revolutionary. Highly addictive. What more is there to say about Subbuteo? Nothing, that's what.

But the same can also be said for the video games of the 90s! Sure, they were pretty crappy on the eye, and the gameplay mechanics were simpler than Marvel's cookie-cutter plotline generator, but be serious for a second, they hold a special place in your heart. All those hours of your parents screaming for you to go outside, or to come into the living room and say 'hi' to your estranged relations, or getting horribly frustrated because they didn't understand checkpoints.

But what, indeed, was it all for? Well, obviously a day like today, when we're asking you the noble question: just how many of these 90s (and a couple of early 00s) video games do you remember?


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