Here's What The Cast Of Richie Rich Look Like Now

Prepare to feel absolutely ANCIENT

When we were kids, there were three films we watched pretty much on repeat. The Lion King, Richie Rich, and Pulp Fiction. Sure, we were only 8 or something, but seriously have you seen Pulp Fiction? There's no way you should have to wait to turn 18 to watch that!

But in terms of *kids* films, you reaaaally can't get better than Richie Rich. What's not to love about a spoilt rich kid playing poor to go hang with the street kids while he fights to protect his family's wealth from a successful businessman's murderous power grab? Also, he had a personal Maccies. #LifeGoals.

But where are all your favourite characters from Richie Rich now? We scoured the internet to bring you answers!

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