How Workaholics' Anders Holm Got So Damn Sexy For 'How To Be Single'

Work work work work workwork...

We love Anders Holm. I mean, seriously, have you ever watched Workaholics? Dude's hilarious! And now, thanks to 'How To Be Single' he's also a bonafide hottie! 

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But just how does a downtrodden office worker become a hot-to-trot buff bartender? Well, in his own words...

"Christian Ditter, the director, said, ‘So, we would like you to join us and we’ll be shooting in two weeks, okay, so you know, if you want to hit the gym…’ And I’m all, ‘Absolutely!’ I said, ‘Do me a favor, if you actually give a shit about how I look with my shirt off, let’s shoot the shirtless stuff later as opposed to earlier. I’ll hit the gym.’"

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"I don’t eat well, so I went on a diet that was salmon, kale and mashed sweet potatoes and I worked out. I eventually lost 25 pounds. But we filmed all the shirtless stuff on day one and day two. I’d only lost like 10 pounds at that point. But I was looking pretty good by the end!"

So there you have it - the perfect recipe for getting buff, that coincidentally doubles up as the ultimate hipster dinner statement! Better hit that salmon and kale, boys...

We also spoke to Jake Lacy, who stars alongside Lena Dunham in GIRLS, about whether comedy is in the blood, or can be taught.

"I don’t know anyone who’s funny as an adult who says, ‘I was a really well-adjusted child.’ It’s a survival instinct. That’s how you get through."

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"For me, at least, hopefully it would be that those years of sorrow and wanting to be loved honed a skill set and then I grew up and learned to love myself and the people around me. So now I’m a complete human being, and have a skill set that was created by a desperate child. They sort of go together."

So, if you had a decent, well-adjusted childhood, maybe don't give the stand up set a go, eh? ONLY KIDDING, SEE HOW FUNNY WE ARE, DADDY!? Wait, did we say Freud? Daddyian slip.

Watch an exclusive deleted scene from How To Be Single, available now on Digital HD (and out on Blu-ray™ and DVD from Monday 27th June), below!

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