Hugh Grant Revealed All Of The Actresses Who Hate Him

He made Drew Barrymore cry!

Hugh Grant is the kind of guy who can only speak in quips – but he gets away with it, because he’s rakish, drawly and debonair.

But he doesn’t always get a pass from his Hollywood love interests, as revealed by this recent interview with Graham Norton.

Referring to a candid chat with Elle, Norton pressed Grant on some comments he’d made about his co-stars.

He said Renee Zellweger was "genuinely lovely," but her "emails are 48 pages long... you can't understand a word of them," he said Emma Thompson was "clever, funny, mad as a chair," and that Sandra Bullock has "too many dogs."

But then things turned nasty, with Grant listing three actresses who, he said, despised him. He made one of them cry after she "made the mistake of giving [him] notes." Sorry, what?

Watch the clip below:

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