I Would Like To Endorse You For The Following Skills On LinkedIn

All the best in your ongoing search for employment.

When I logged into my professional LinkedIn account today (as I am a business professional and engaged in the world of networking and connecting with other professionals), I noticed that you had endorsed me for several professional skills.

As such endorsements assist me in demonstrating my value in our capitalist society, it was a gesture I greatly appreciated.

My own personal brand enhanced, I considered it only appropriate to return the favour by also endorsing you for those areas in which you stand out from the crowd.

So I set to work, compiling a comprehensive list of your unique selling points. I believe these clearly set out the value you add to any workplace, whether in a paid or unpaid position.  

Now, please, allow me to endorse you for the following professional skills on LinkedIn.

Scott Limbrick - @ScottLimbrick

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