ICYMI: David Schwimmer Slams James Corden In Epic Rap Battle

"I worked with a monkey who had more talent than you."

Remember Ross rapping Baby Got Back to his newborn daughter? This is nothing like that. This time James Corden *asked* him to spit bars, and instead of Rachel, Rebel Wilson came over to turn up the volume. 

Stepping on stage in a red silk boxing robe, Schwimmer left every inch of Ross' geeky persona behind for his turn in The Late Late Show's 'Drop The Mic' skit. Pulling no punches, he rapped:

“A Brit in America’s your one claim to fame / We all know as an actor your roles were all the same". Ouch.

“The heavy best friend, the humorous sidekick / With a belly so big you can’t find your own… Dickens, the author we all read as kids / He’s British like you, but people know who he is.” OOOOOH.

“I’m tall and lean, you’re short and stout. They know me in Japan, they know you at In-N-Out. You embarrassed your country, this was easy for me. Bitch, lay down the mic and go make me some tea.” 

Like this, Ross? Oh yeah. We've got long memories.

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Watch James Corden attempt to pull it back right here - and Rebel Wilson arguably steal the crown from both of 'em. 

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