Idiot Parks In Driveway, Farmer Gets Revenge The Way Only A Farmer Can

"Never p*ss a farmer off". Yes, ma'am.

Anyone who lives in a big city will be familiar with the all-consuming, blood-boiling, hair-thinning sensation that is road rage. But in the country, one expects things to be a little quieter. A little slower. A little more, well, civilised.


Passing cows and wild geese are the biggest dicks on the road out there, right? Well no, actually. And when trouble (trouble being Tony and Belinda taking the scenic route, 'getting out of the big smoke' for the weekend) comes a' knockin', locals know EXACTLY what to do.

They pick it up and move it the f*ck out the way.

Check out this video, caught by two shocked drivers on country road - a car, foolishly parked in someone's drive, doesn't stay there for long - as a badass farmer picks it up with his tractor and dumps it out of the way.

Holding back the cry-tears, they ask what he's up to, stating that he could damage the car. His response? "They asked us to move the car, nobody claimed it. We're putting it up on the main road, it'll be their problem then"

The moral of the story here? "Never p*ss a farmer off", as the passer-by wisely states. Yeah, and buy a tractor.

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